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Hello Beautiful! I am so thankful to have you join me here.  My name is Ashley, a 29 year old Canadian Mama from Winnipeg, Manitoba.

I started this Motherhood-Lifestyle blog because I was looking for an outlet where I could share my journey, advice, experiences and hard times with a supportive community of women who may be looking for a safe space to come when they feel they need some words of encouragement or a good laugh.

My postpartum journey wasn't as "picture perfect" as I thought it would be. You read all the books about what to expect during pregnancy and child birth, but not once did i think to plan for what comes after that. I struggled, I felt lost and I realized writing my thoughts out quickly became a therapeutic outlet for me and that this was my calling,I love sharing my journey through motherhood, relationships, friendships, and the reality/hard life-lessons that may come with it.

I want this to be a space for not only myself, but for all of you. For the Mama to be who is preparing herself for whats to come, or for the Mama who just needs someone to relate to and not feel like shes in it alone.


I want this to be a outlet for you to feel safe, vulnerable and inspired by the content I openly choose to share.

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