• Ashley Hart

A Toxic Free Household.

I grew up in a generation that used the traditional household cleaners that our parents used, this was the norm and the information was not as readily available to us back then as it is now regarding the ingredients that are in our everyday cleaners, products and how damaging they can be to the human body and a danger to our little babes. So many companies advertise a “green” or “clean” product and we just assume because they are telling us it is safe that we can believe it. How often do we actually look at the ingredients in a product and know what those ingredients mean? It can be so overwhelming and I am here to tell you that you have options.

My first thought when I wanted to make the switch to non toxic cleaners was probably exactly how you're feeling right now. It's going to cost money, or maybe we will just wait until I run out of my current products so I don't waste them. I totally get it.

What if I told you I made the switch to one all purpose cleaner for my ENTIRE household and now save money by doing so. Bathrooms, Counters, Kitchen, Mirrors, Floors you name it…. its magic in a bottle. All I needed was a glass spray bottle, and the Thieves all purpose cleaner, this stuff is so concentrated all you need is 1-2 capfuls and fill the rest with water, give it a shake and you're good to go. 1 bottle of this stuff lasts me months-and makes about 20 bottles of all purpose cleaner. Want more of a deep clean? Add some baking soda and watch those germs wipe right off.

I know we cant keep our family safe from everything, but if I can help keep our kiddos immune system safe from toxic chemicals in our home, that's a choice I am happy to get on board with. The convenience of having one cleaner for our entire household, the health benefits and the financial savings are also a huge bonus for our family. I started with the all purpose cleaner, and now I have incorporated Laundry soap, Hand soap, and Personal care products.

All you need is a glass amber bottle - I get mine on amazon for a great price:(https://www.amazon.com/Empty-Amber-Glass-Spray-Bottle/dp/B00MU7R52M)

Add 1-2 capfuls of Cleaner, Fill your bottle with water and give it a nice shake.Optional: I add a couple citrus fresh or lemon Essential oil for an extra "fresh" smell.

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