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How He Asked.

Updated: Apr 1, 2019

Matt and I have always openly talked about marriage. We knew it was our end game but never made it our number one priority. Our love story isn't the most “traditional” but it's ours and I own that.

About a month before our trip to Banff, Matt sprung it on me that we were going to go on our first family vacation for my birthday to the mountains (my favorite place in the world). Part of me obviously thought to myself “hmm this could be when he asks.” But what you guys need to understand is Matt is the WORST at keeping secrets from me. So as weeks went by I didn't really notice anything fishy so the thought went further from my mind.

On March 6, 2019 I woke up to breakfast made and a card on the table..not a ring box, a card. I opened the card and it basically said he planned a family photo shoot for us because he knows how important blogging has become to me and understands with that i need “content." Having his support has meant the world so a gift like this really meant a lot to me.

I got ready and we went to meet at the spot he had chosen to do our family photo session. Once we arrived, I noticed there was nobody there to meet us and he explained they were running late. I didn't really mind because the views at Lake Minnewanka were breathtaking, so we decided to go for a little walk. Not knowing what was going on, I started getting irritated because I was not dressed for walking through snow on a lake especially carrying a baby and walking our dog and didn't know where he was leading us. I kept saying “where are we going” “im cold” ya know… complaining.

Little did I know he was leading me to a tree that he had arranged for someone to come and tie a treasure box to earlier that morning. When I saw this my heart sank, I knew what was about to happen and couldn't contain my smile. He handed me the box and inside was a letter he wrote explaining when he knew he fell in love with me, I started crying instantly.

With Lincoln in one arm he took my hand with his other and led me to the edge of this cliff and got down on one knee and asked me to spend our life together as man and wife (honestly I blacked out and everything he said I've forgotten) but it was the most romantic thing he's ever done. A few moments later I noticed someone hiding in the bushes snapping photos of this moment. (The photographer he hired.)

Like any other woman we all picture the moment we will get engaged and these romantic scenarios. But being in the middle of nowhere surrounded by mountains, with our puppy and our amazing little boy... freezing and snow inside my shoes. I wouldn't have it any other way.

I am beyond excited for our next chapter and so happy to have these photos to look back on and remember this special day.

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