• Ashley Hart

Is Change A Bad Thing?

When someone tells you that “You’ve changed”— is this such a bad thing? Why is it that when someone decides to change bad habits, toxic behavior, or is just trying to be the best version of themselves that society wants to tear that down, judge or make fun of you. Becoming a Mother this year really put things into perspective for me and personal growth is something that should be encouraged and admired but for some reason, some can view this as a negative thing. I have learned if someone has a negative opinion on what you choose to do with your life that brings you happiness, its usually something within themselves and not you that is bothering them. Being on maternity leave has given me a lot of time to be alone with my thoughts and I’ve slowly made a lot of changes this year, I was tired of feeling sick all the time, tired, unmotivated, and honestly just had a negative mindset but I had no one to blame but myself- I started searching for ways to change that. It’s very difficult not to blame the world or make excuses for why you're not holding yourself accountable but at the end of the day— you are in charge of your own happiness and growth as a person. I cant tell you how many times I blamed the world or made excuses on why I was unhappy, its just the easy way out. My main priority is raising Linc to be around a positive environment, unfortunately I didn't grow up in this kind of environment and it took me a long time to see that there was another way. I truly believe in the statement "you are who you surround yourself with" and I want to be a role model for our children that they see that its okay to have bad days, but to know what works for them to snap out of that and really focus on the good. I myself still struggle with this but you take it day by day. My advice is to find what works for you, not what your friend does or what this new “trend” says to do and magically you’ll find your answers, it takes time it takes commitment and you have to be clear on what it is you’re looking to change. For me it’s been podcasts, running, reading before bed, meditation, and toxic free living with essential oils. I start my day with happy oils..I wake up and the first thing I do is diffuse joy and lemon while I prepare for my day and I listen to my morning meditation as I get ready for our day.

I will continue to push myself to make healthy changes and always remind myself that their is always room for personal growth.

Talk soon :)

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