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Toxic Ingredients in your beauty products.

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

As you have probably noticed, this year I made a lot of changes when it comes to our household and personal care products in our home. Now if you told me this was going to be our life two years ago? I would have laughed, I did not care- nor did I worry about any ingredients or the types of products I used as long as they did its job or smelled nice? I was on board.

But then I became a Mom, and things kind of changed. My hormones were imbalanced, my skin was changing, and my son was experiencing horrible eczema from every lotion we used or daily tummy/teething pain and I needed something that would work. I couldn’t keep giving my little boy Motrin everyday like it was a vitamin. I needed options.

So I started doing research, it’s tough to understand what could be causing these symptoms if you don’t know how to pronounce, let alone understand what the ingredients on our labels mean. A product says “green” “organic” or “pure” and as a customer we just choose to believe it and convince our mind that this is the product. Without even thinking to look at the ingredient list or worse when a product doesn’t even list the ingredients (Huge red flag.)

These harmful ingredients are in everything from cleaning products, baby products, perfumes, candles, skin care, feminine care, air fresheners, and so much more. It is alarming because a lot of these ingredients are causing so much harm to our bodies.

Unless you have a obsessive personality like me? Its impossible to expect someone to completely go cold turkey on their products and make all the switches overnight, I started with something as simple as my makeup products.

Chemicals aren’t bad, our entire body is made up of chemicals. But its understanding what these ingredients mean and which ones to look out for in your beauty products.

Here are the main ingredients I look out for and if I see on an ingredient label It’s a NO from me:

1. Pthalates: Used to make plastics durable and flexible-Used in lotions, nail polish, perfumes, and hair products – Huge hormone disrupters that have been linked to breast cancer and been known to cause birth defects in males and females.

2. Parabens: Preservative used in products to prevent the growth of bacteria and mold, basically to prolong the expiration date on a product. – They possess estrogen mimicking agents that are linked to increased risks of cancer when absorbed through the skin and have been found in biopsy samples from tumors.

3. Triclosan: Added to many consumer products intended to reduce or prevent bacterial contamination. It is added to some antibacterial soaps and body washes, toothpastes, and some beauty cosmetics—Known as an endocrine disruptor, and a skin irritant.

4. Formaldehyde: Used in tons of cosmetic products to prevent bacteria growth and increase the longevity between expiration date. This has been a known human carcinogen and a huge cause for allergic skin reactions and cause for harm to our immune system.

5. SLS/SLES- Sodium lauryl sulfate and Sodium laureth sulfate: Can be found in 90% oof personal care and cleaning products, known to cause irritation to lungs, skin and eyes, kidney and respiratory damage.

Before doing my research these ingredients were just words to me, I figured hey if stores are allowed to sell these products they must be safe right? Wrong. The FDA is only legally required to go through product approval and regulation before it hits the shelves, as long as there are no color additives or ingredients that classify as over the counter medicine- its most likely approved.

I do my best but even I know that it is impossible to 100% avoid harmful ingredients and toxins in our everyday life. But understanding labels and what ingredients to look out for was a huge start.

My two tips if you’re looking to get started is to do your research on which ingredients could be causing harm to your body, and download the https://www.thinkdirtyapp.com/ to start scanning and researching your everyday products in your home.

Talk soon :)

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