Essential Oils

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Why did we choose Young Living?

There are so many Essential oil companies out there and it can be very overwhelming as to which ones are 100 % pure and organic. Young Living is a family owned company founded by "The Father of Distillation", Dr. Gary D. Young. He had a vision to create a product for a purpose not a profit. And boy did he do that!! Young Living is a grade A pure essential oil. 

We own our own farms and distilleries across the globe and oversee every single part of the process, from seed to seal. 

Before we purchase a plot of land, we test the site to be sure it is complete "virgin soil" - meaning it has never been sprayed with any pesticides or herbicides.

There are no additives in our essential oils so you can rest assured that what the label says, is what is in the bottle: Pure, Safe, Essential Oils!! Check out more about the seed to seal process here:

Happy Quarantine Easter From Our Family

Have you been interested in switching over to a non toxic lifestyle? My advice to you is it's never too late to start!

Maybe you're like me and just so sick and tired of feeling sick, having allergies, headaches and nothing seems to be working for consistent relief. But ask yourself..have you ever thought about what products you're using in your daily routine and if they could be the cause of these symptoms?

I wasn't always an EO believer, trust me. I used all the typical household products and not once did I ever think to read the labels and even if I did...I probably wouldn't understand the ingredients anyway. Becoming a Mama this year really changed my outlook, I started to wonder what I was putting onto my little one’s sensitive skin and what was safe and what was not. I downloaded an app called " Think Dirty" and let me tell you guys, if you haven’t heard of this app you NEED to go and download it right now. It tells you so much information on all of the products you use in your daily routine, what's safe, what's dangerous and why. It was eye opening and from that day forward, I decided to start making changes to a toxic free household.

I have researched so many different types of oils over the last few months and I have learned that not only are essential oils amazing for your overall health and wellness. But the convenience of them is life changing. I have one household cleaner that I use for my ENTIRE house..i know “How?" I also use them for allergies, headaches, vertigo, sleep support and DIY products around the house. I chose Young living because of their seed to seal policy, the outstanding quality and authenticity of the product.

So how do you get started?? With a starter kit, of course.


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